Call for proposals 2020

1–15 September (call closed)

Call closed, applications are currently being processed with results due to be announced in December, 2020.


Eligible applicants must fulfill all the following criteria:

  • have applied for an ERC Starting Grant budget year 2020 (ERC-2020-StG) with a host institution situated in Sweden
  • received a grade A after step 2 and the interview
  • not have been granted funding from ERC (or elsewhere for this project)
  • not be on the ERC reserve list

In addition to the above, the applicant must also apply for the tentative ERC Starting Grant 2021 (ERC-2021-StG) if fulfilling the eligibility criteria. The application for the Swedish Foundations’ Starting Grant should be supplemented with an ERC-2021-StG application confirmation within one week following the (yet to be determined) ERC-2021-Stg deadline.

The grant

  • includes the level of funding applied for to the ERC (up to €1.5 million). If an additional €500,000 has been applied for and recommended approval by the ERC panel, this might also be included.
  • is approved for one year at a time for up to five years, given that the grant holder continues to apply for the ERC Starting Grant (if eligible to apply). If a grant from ERC is approved, the Swedish Foundations´ Starting Grant will be discontinued.

Application process

The five foundations have a joint information and application process. Your application will be made available to all participating foundations. 

To register a user account and apply, please visit:


What should an application include?
In addition to contact details and some basic information about your ERC Starting Grant application, the requested documents include:

– The ERC-2020-StG evaluation report

– The ERC-2020-StG application

– A support letter from the head of the department, confirming that the department is willing to support a Swedish Foundations’ Starting Grant, in the event that you are awarded a grant.


No further peer review will be conducted; the participating foundations rely on the ERC peer review as a sufficient quality assessment. The decision of awarding a grant will be taken individually by each participating foundation according to their respective statutes, resources and priorities. 


Applications should be submitted by 15 September 2020 (15:00 CET)


For assistance in requesting a support letter from the head of department, please contact your university’s grants office for assistance. If you have any further queries, contact us at 


Grant administration

In the event that you are awarded a grant, all further administration — such as grant claims, payment(s), renewal(s) and reporting processes — will be managed by the individual foundation that has awarded that grant.