Division of Theoretical Physics, Uppsala University
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Integrating the Conformal Bootstrap

funded by

Olle Engkvists Stiftelse

As a theoretical physicist, Agnese Bissi’s foremost tools are a pen, paper and a laptop for modelling; to perform experiments would require technology so advanced it is yet to exist.

Bissi’s project delves into the very fundamental of physics governing our world. Here, Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity is still the most accurate theory of gravity — elegantly relating space-time geometry to the momentum of the matter/energy in it. However, the theory’s validity is purely classical and fails in accounting for quantum effects, which is what Bissi is looking to explore further by combining the techniques of the so called ”conformal bootstrap” – i.e., analytical and numerical approaches – and integrability (models which can be mathematically solved given their large number of conserved quantities and thereby high degree of symmetry).

Photo: © Agnese Bissi

January 2022

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