Department of Physics, Lund University
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Bound Electron Wave packets for Attosecond Resolved Emission.

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Olle Engkvists stiftelse

Extreme bursts of radiation has enabled for measurements of coherent electron wave packet motion and photoionization delays from different microscopic targets.

As electrons are the fastest receptors of electromagnetic forces at our disposal, I ask the question how precise pulse characterization can be achieved when the burst duration is comparable, or even below, the natural electron time scale?


I will regard coherent bound electron wave packets in atoms as super-accurate clocks that allow for direct measurements of the temporal structure of extreme bursts of short-wavelength radiation. During this project, I wish to study both the physics and applications of bound electron wave packets in three main activities: [A] preparation and optimization of coherent electron wave packets, [B] photoionization dynamics and interferometry of correlated electron wave packets and [C] coherent wave packet dynamics in a macroscopic (complex) environment.


I will develop novel numerical tools for extreme light-matter interaction including the first relativistic time-dependent configuration-interaction-singles method and the first correlated atomic calculations coupled to macroscopic wave equations at short wavelengths.


A successful project will greatly enhance basic knowledge of extreme light-matter interaction on the attosecond time scale and yield increased precision in pulse characterization that will open up new possibilities in future high-gain experiments in physics, chemistry and material science, where pump-probe experiments at short wavelengths will become an important new research direction. The assessment of all attosecond effects and the transition towards single-shot pulse analysis, required for free-electron-laser pulses, is the grand motivation for this proposal.

March 2018

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